Since my first son was born in 2002, I have known I have a place in the birth world. Then, my former midwife asked me to attend the birth of her third child as her doula. Attending that birth, seeing first hand how comfortable I am in that role, launched me on this path as a doula. It’s a natural fit. I love supporting women physically and emotionally as they find their own inner strength, navigate birth and transition into mothering a new baby.

Each time I gave birth, I gave birth anew to myself. With baby’s first breath came mine as well. With the birth of each child, we, as women, give birth to herself ourselves again. We present to the world this beautiful baby, and through that birth we also reintroduce ourselves to ourself. At this transition, women have the opportunity to see and feel their own inner strength and awe inspiring, life-giving power. As a doula, I hold space for you as you navigate your unique birth and I guide you on a strong, positive and connected journey into mothering your new baby.


  • Meet with you to determine whether we are a good fit for your positive birth experience.
  • Meet with you to discuss distractions for early labor, comfort measures and coping strategies for active labor, transition and second stage of labor.
  • Discuss your birth preferences / plan.
  • Answer birth related questions and provide referrals as needed.
  • Be "on call" beginning at 38 week gestation.
  • Provide continuity from the time you decide you would like me to join you during labor, until Mom and baby are tucked in after birth.
  • Provide a calm, experienced, reassuring presence on your birth team.
  • Provide support and suggestions to your birth partner during labor.
  • Help document the birth with photos and story recollection.
  • I'll help bear witness to your awesomeness as a birthing woman and help you see that strength in yourself.


  • Provide medical examinations, medical advice or medical support.
  • Take the place of the mother's birthing partner.
  • Communicate with the medical staff on your behalf or make decisions for you.