Playing with color is a lifelong passion. I originate from a long line of artists; painters, weavers, basket makers and textile artists. I spent many childhood hours climbing underneath my mom’s looms.  I would daydream from underneath the looms, through the crisscrossed color and textures. My matrilineal grandmother kept a stash of scrap fabrics and found objects, with which she was always encouraging me to experiment, to learn from failures, and most importantly, to create. When my hands are busy creating, I feel joyful to be generating work that feels genuine and true.

My recent artwork is an outward expression of the way I experience color, texture, and place in my everyday life. In this work I depict the wide open skies, rolling grassland prairies, vast frozen lakes, and the deep starry nights of the Upper Midwest. I am drawn to these landscapes for both their quiet subtleties and dramatic extremes which I depict with combinations of bold colors and fine lines. I have found that the rhythm of my life, and the memories I am building with my family are deeply rooted in our connection to these landscapes that we call home.

My color study paintings are explorations of my relationship with color and experiments in line and form. These paintings translate in a variety of abstractions and often expand upon one another in ways that surprise me. They are imperfect and wonky, with lines that wobble and colors the defy the rules. This inspiration transfers between the color studies and my quilts.

My quilts tell the stories of my life. They are comprised mostly of my family’s outgrown clothing. There are threads of my husband’s shirt from the day he and I met woven throughout many of my quilts. The shirt was an old long sleeved purple t-shirt which apparently made an impression. There are buttons, pockets, thread bare knees, all as memory keepers, transformed into keepsakes intended to be used for warmth and comfort. Over the years I have accumulated a sizable collection of quilts, most of them are quite unconventional, perhaps best described as fabric sculpting. My current quilt project is a Minneapolis Map Quilt, designed to mark this time and place in our lives.

I grew up in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. I earned a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1998. I went on to work as an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years.  I live in Southwest Minneapolis. I have been married to my husband Andy for 18 years, and I am the proud mom to three playful, funny, vivacious and loving kids, ages 8, 12 and 16. As a family we jump at opportunities for backpacking adventures, being goofballs at Family Camp, biking many miles on the dirt and the city trails, skating the lakes and cheering each other on for both our grand and our itty bitty goals. We get away to the wild wilderness whenever we get. chance. I am also an avid runner, from the 5K to the marathon and an accidental occasional interior designer.

Fun Fact: I built a Teardrop Camper with my oldest son in the summer of 2018. Next year, a kayak!